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Duress Systems

We supply and install Duress Systems for a number of public Adelaide institutions. Installation involves interaction with the staff and members of the public and includes securing key sections of the organisation. Our staff are well versed in the requirements of signing in and out, keeping track of tools and equipment and having locked tool boxes at all times.

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Duress Systems

Transmission Protocol: Each transmission...

  • Consists of redundant packets of information.
  • Is sent at maximum power allowed by FCC.
  • Contains a unique 24-bit “Transmitter ID” (16,000,000 different IDs)
  • Uses 304 MHz carrier frequency (SE3x-304)

Battery: Lithium battery with 4 years typical battery life; field replaceable.

Antenna: Internal.

Operating Temperature Range: -22° F to +149° F (-30° C to +65° C)

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We have experience in a broad range of Duress systems – why not call us and see if we can assist you with your systems.